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Study on the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon

In the area of monitoring and evaluation, IRESCO carried out a monitoring study on the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon on behalf of the GIZ. This study took place in a context where the practice of breast modeling in Cameroon had been sharply criticized thanks to the action of various NGOs and associations, including the National Network of Aunties Associations (RENATA), which then appealed to the GIZ on this practice which consists in using heated objects to massage the breasts of girls and women in order to make the breasts disappear.

Following this denunciation, GIZ carried out an in-depth national survey in 2005 to establish the prevalence of the issue. At the end of this study, which had very alarming results, GIZ provided financial support to RENATA to carry out, since 2006, a major public awareness campaign on the harmful effects of such a practice. Following this campaign, GIZ therefore considered measuring the level reached by the indicators, in order to determine the prevalence of the phenomenon. It is in this line that IRESCO was asked by GIZ to carry out this follow-up study in 2013.